Hey! I'm Zulkarnine

A Full Stack Developer

A ML and Data Science Enthusiast

About me

I'm a final year computer science student at South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China. I have been coding for more than 4 years and now I'm working as well as studying in different fields of computer science. I am proficient in full stack web development which includes building websites, and server side platforms. I also started working on machine learning and data science in 2020. I have learned to code in quite a few programming languages but the one's I'm practiced in are Python and Javascript. I believe there's always room for improvement that's why I always keep learning new things and I also like to confirm my new skills by implementing them.

My Skills

Machine Learning & Data Science

ML and data sciecne is the field I tinkered with. For ML, my work mostly comprises building robust, accurate and precise models to make predictions that are used to automate real world tasks. In data science I mainly analyze and study data to see how it can improve certain businesses. Following are few of the technologies and libraries I use often - 

Full Stack Developer

I have worked on full stack development for more than 2 years. I can build scalable and high perfornamce applications. A big part of this comprises planning systems and it's services along with executing them efficiently depending on customers needs.  I have worked on multiple projects and below are some of the tools I use - 

My Blog

Building Face Recognition API with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Face-api.js

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